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Most people don’t realize that they know enough about something – their profession, their lobby, or their specific life experience – to write a book. It could be fiction, a memoir, or non-fiction. But they have a book inside of them and in today’s publishing world, making that book-dream into a book-reality is easier than it has ever been before. I love seeing people experience that “Aha!” moment

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when they realize they have something valuable to say, or a story to tell, or something to teach the world – and they do it. I can help you brainstorm your ideas, plan out your project, edit what you write so it reads well and says the things you want to say, and I can guide you through the maze of publishing industry options so you can decide which is for you and then see your book or Ebook out there in the big world at last.

Cary Editorial and Book Consulting Services

1.  Free 5-page read (synopsis/overview/first chapter): To give me an idea of what your book idea is about, send me 5 pages of your manuscript (250 words max per page) – either as an attachment or in the body of your email (  If you have a Table of Contents, include that, too. I’ll respond with comments and some  recommendations, and we’ll take it from there.

2.  Coffee Shop Consultation: Once I’ve read and evaluated your 5 pages, then I usually recommend a !:! brainstorming session if you live locally. Otherwise, we can do it by email or phone. There’s a lot to learn, and for many authors it’s a steep learning curve. We’ll try to figure out if your book idea is a good one. We’ll look closely at the reasons why you want to get published (books to sell at workshops or seminars perhaps?), and then we’ll discuss which publishing option is best for you –  traditional publishing, academic publishing, self-publishing or perhaps an E-Book to start. 

3.  Manuscript Evaluation: If you’re beyond the brainstorming stage and already have a draft of your book finished or you’ve at least written a number of chapters, then I can evaluate what you’ve done and give you a written report (no actual editing at this stage). I’ll point out possible “issues,” let you know what I think works and what doesn’t, and make suggestions about solutions. 

4.  Developmental Editing: My specialty is content or “big picture” editing: Is the book’s topic viable? Is the theme or angle clear? Is the book logically structured? Does Chapter 6 really belong somewhere else in the book? Who is the audience? What needs rewriting or just basic editing? What should be cut out altogether?

5. Copyediting/Line Editing: Usually, this is the second edit of the whole book. It includes sentence restructuring, edits, and cuts. Most important of all, it determines whether or not the book hangs together? Is it interesting? Does it “work?”

6.  Proof-reading:  The focus here is on details – typos, punctuation, spelling, grammar, consistency. Since I’m strictly an editor, not a proof-reader (I consider proof-reading is a separate skill), I suggest hiring a professional to do this very important job – not your neighborhood English major. 

7.  Workshops: If you are planning to self-publish, I recommend taking my PowerPoint workshop on how to self-publish using Amazon’s CreateSpace and/or LightningSource’s IngramSpark. It helps to actually SEE the whole self-publishing process on the screen before you try it on your own.  Right now, I do this workshop locally in Sherman Oaks, California, but I’m planning on doing it as a webinar, so writers can “tune in” from almost anywhere. 


5-page Read (250 words per page max) (free)

Coffee Shop Consultation ($65 per hour in person/phone/ or email time)

Full Manuscript Evaluation (penny a word) (Ex: 30,000 words = $300)

Developmental Editing (1.9 cents per word) (Ex: 30,000 words = $570)

Copyediting/Line-editing (1.5 cents per word) (Ex: 30,000 words = $450)

Book Formatting for CreateSpace or IngramSpark ($50 an hour)

Email submission to and fill out form on Submissions page. Please, no horror, zombie, sci-fi, poetry, graphic violence, animal cruelty, erotica, political diatribes, or highly technical matter. I’m particularly interested in psychology and mental health topics, narrative non-fiction, memoirs, and some fiction (no kids or teens). I think you will be better served hiring editors who are interested in those things. 

Publishing has changedAuthors are responsible for:

  • Proof-reading service
  • Purchase of ISBN number (through or CreateSpace)
  • Book interior design (can DIY or hire help)
  • Book formatting for ebook (can DIY or hire help)
  • Book covers (front and back), properly formatted as pdf
  • Marketing and publicity

Publishing has changed so you’ll need to catch up if you’re going to get published. Read all you can, especially online.