MARKETING (page still under construction)

“Getting a book published is 10% writing, 15% publishing and 75% marketing.” — the late Dan Poynter, self-publishing guru, lecturer and author

The purpose of this page is to help authors do some of the basics when it comes to marketing. These days there is so much information on book marketing available and most of it available digitally. Get the books but also sign up for online newsletters and blogs because the information changes every day!


You can put so much more in an online press kit, unlike the old-fashioned (but still useful) paper press kit. You can have links to a variety of author photos (formal to casual poses depending on the needs of the story they’ll illustrate), sample chapters from the book, links to articles from by the author, links to book reviews, a link to Amazon and Kindle versions, a link to the publisher’s website if there is one. Everything you can stuff into the paper press kit (below) you can stuff into the online media kit — and so much more.


The “One-Sheet”

This is one form of a “one-sheet” that has everything on it the media might need: book cover, a few testimonials, a synopsis of the book, the book cover, and author photo and bio, plus all the crucial metadate — ISBN, price, where it can be purchased, and author contact information. You can DIY in Word, save as pdf and email. Below is another layout that looks more like a flyer but has the must-have information about the book.

Another “one-sheet” format that you can DIY. Carry a bunch of them around with you. Also create smaller versions on postcards and bookmarks for on-the-spot marketing.