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For a FREE 10-PAGE READ  (double-spaced please) with feedback, email me at and embed your pages in the email.

Fees: As stated earlier, I charge by the hour ($50), whether I’m evaluating a manuscript, editing, researching a cover design, or brainstorming with you. I use PayPal, take checks or cash. On any project (aside from the free 10-page read) I require 1/2 payment in advance. If using PayPal, pay to my email address:

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What’s Your Immediate Need? (This is just to help you figure out where to start!

___ 10-page free read and written evaluation? (see above)

___ Brainstorming book(s) idea(s) to decide which idea is best

___ Help with book structure and organization

___ Book of book draft evaluation and written report (no editing at this stage)

___ Editing (first draft)

___ Editing (additional drafts)

___ Formatting (interior design for paper version or e-book formatting)

___ Self-publishing help (getting book up on Amazon, Kindle or IngramSpark)

___ Marketing help & Referral