Client Books

Below are books edited, in full or in part, by Cary Editorial & Book Consulting: 

The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extroverted World, Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D. (Workman Publishing) Making the most of your inner strengths utilizing the hundreds of coping strategies, tactics and tips offered by the therapist-author for surviving and thriving in an extrovert world.

Tongue of Fire: The Story of an American Demagogue, by Ernest Frankel. Tongue of Fire is a big, impassioned novel about Washington during a troubling and tumultuous time during the late 1950s . . . the time when a brash magnetic congressman, driven by an insatiable craving for fame, set events in motion which rocked the nation and the world.

Charlie & Me: A Memoir by Harriett Bronson – First wife of icon actor Charles Bronson tells about their 16-years marriage, their high profile divorce, and gives insights into what it’s like to be an Ex Mrs. Famous. Book includes never-before-seen photographs from the Bronson Family Album.

Anger Management Essentials, Anita Avedian, LMFT.  (Anger Management Essentials Publications) An aggression management workbook with over 50 lesson plans to help people change their lives by coping with their emotions more effectively.

Art Therapy and the Neuroscience of Relationships, Creativity, and Resiliency: Skills and Practices, Noah Hass-Cohen & Joanna Clyde Findlay (Norton Publishers). Offers a comprehensive integration of art therapy and interpersonal neurobiology and demonstrates how it can be used to help clients deal with long-term stress and trauma.

Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience, Noah Hass-Cohan and Richard Carr (Jessica Kingsley Publications, London and Philadelphia). The book introduces neuroscientific language and concepts in an accessible way and explores the complex relationships between art, creativity, and interpersonal neurobiology.

Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen, Lila Lee Silvern (Random Harvest Press). Sensuality after sixty seems to be the last taboo that TV and the movie are just beginning to explore. This book will hopefully encourage older folks to drop a few hang-ups and grab what’s left of their lives with gusto and giggles.

Counterfeit Lottery, by S.A. Stolinsky, a comedy mystery about a wannabe actress, Lily Handy, who finds herself unexpectedly in possession of a priceless, world-famous diamond, and because of it, Lily and her acting class buds have to step over dead bodies to find out how the real thief managed to slip the diamond into Lily’s pocket.

Everything Will Be All Right, Douglas Wallace (D & P Press) The memoir of a man born into a Tennessee family chained in an endless cycle of poverty. He sets out to break free of this poverty destiny by learning to focus on a clear goal and by being willing to go the extra mile. He ultimately achieves success.

False Pretenses, Scott R. Kramer (Eagle Ridge Press). A political thriller involving a stolen election, domestic terrorism, extortion, and a shaky marriage.

Gateway to Everywhere, Ernest Frankel (Hither Lane Press). An epic historical novel and love story that starts off in China in 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion and ends up in Palm Springs at the time that America was just beginning to take its place on the world’s stage.

How to Drag the Media Back to the Middle: What You Can DO About Media Bias, Paul Howard (Three Pines Press). A primer on how to recognize media bias and how to fight it. The book offers a directory of names and addresses of media contacts so citizens can write letters and send emails when they have complaints.

Mind Gone Awry, Donald Kern, LMFT (Isaac Nathan Publishing Co. Inc.) The memoir of a man with a history of bipolar psychosis and hospitalizations, and how he managed to recover and become a licensed psychotherapist himself, now helping other bipolars and their families.

The Emotional Terrorist, Arabella Barbour. (Sandpeddler Press) Growing up with a dazzling, charming, and cruel mother who is a borderline.

The End of Living Large: Weight Loss in MicrostepsWhen You Have a Lot to Lose Sue Speake, LMFT (Speake Press). Weighing 315 pounds and humiliated in a world obsessed with thin, a psychotherapist (the author), struggled to lose weight only to give up, destined to the misery of obesity. She develops her own solution, MicroSteps® Therapy, which helps her change her unhealthy Habits, Routines, Rituals, and Traditions and achieve her goal: Having a healthy, average size body.


The Ladder of Life, Flossie Phelps Allen (Blue Bonnet Publishing). The true story of a strong and resilient family, whose pilgrimage takes them from a TB plague and life on a farm as sharecroppers in Southeast Texas, to the bright lights of the city.

Parenting with Wisdom and Compassion, Ilene Val-Essen, Ph.D. A new paradigm of parenting that dramatically changes the way we relate to our children. The author provides a Six-Step Process to help us realize it.

The Sacred Path: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior, Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. Foreword by LeVar Burton (Sacred Path Press). Timely, deep, and very readable. For men and fathers, it is a concrete roadmap for the journey to and through mindful manhood. It is a gem of a book for women as well, providing a vivid opportunity to learn what’s in men’s hearts.

Lean on Me, by Gretchen Havens. Faster than you can say, “Make mine a double,” Gretchen and Joe, both alcoholics, fall in love in a Southern California mental hospital. As their relationship blossoms, so does Gretchen’s reliance on Joe, a dependency that closely resembles her abnormal attachment to her well‐heeled parents. In fact, she is as addicted to being rescued—by doctors, therapists, and loved ones—as she is to using drugs and alcohol.

The Unmaking of a Hollywood Therapist, Annie Coe Toor (Timberlake Press). A British born psychotherapist, at the zenith of a successful career as a humanitarian, crisis volunteer, and specialist in stress in the entertainment industry, is arrested on her way home one night after having a few glasses of wine with a friend, and ends up in jail. The consequences of the event threatens to upend her well-plan life.

The Recovery Workbook by Ruth White, LMFT, LMAC (Timberlake Press). An invaluable, interactive tool to help anyone, from adolescent to octogenarian, recover from addiction, written with clarity and humor by someone who not only has impressive educational credentials but has also herself traveled the path.

Act it Out: 25 Expressive Ways to Heal from Childhood Abuse, Stefanie Auerbach Stolinsky, Ph.D, (New Harbinger Publications, Inc.) The author, a psychologist and former actress, uses acting exercises to help victims of childhood abuse unblock their emotions.