“Getting Published is Good for Business – No Matter What Business You’re In.” — Sylvia Cary

Are You Sitting on a Book Idea?

The late self-publishing guru, Dan Poynter, used to say that 81% of people feel they have a book lurking inside of them but most of them never get around to doing anything about it. Is that you? Do you have a book you’d like to get written? And published? But is the very thought of it overwhelming? Where, you may be wondering, does one even begin? The answer is right here!

I Can Help

Helping authors get their books published is what I do and love to do. I’m the author of 5 published books myself and, to date, I’ve helped 25 other authors (with more in the wings) get their books — both fiction and non-fiction — published and out into the big world at last. (See the whole list of them under the Client Books tab of this website).

  • “Sylvia Cary is an invaluable ally in the process of helping writers stick with the challenge of bringing a book to print.” Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D., author of The Sacred Path: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

Why Get Published? Here are 10 Perks

  1. it gives you instant credibility
  2. it qualifies you as an “expert” in your field
  3. it’s a calling card to help you achieve other things
  4. it’s a marketing tool to help you build your business
  5. it offers potential financial gain
  6. it entertains and informs readers
  7. it allows you to share with your specific inner circle
  8. it brings you a little immortality
  9. it’s psychologically satisfying
  10. it helps those who really need to read what you have to say
  • “Getting my book published made me feel more confident about my abilities and showed me that the naysayers were wrong.” ― Flossie Allen, author of The Ladder of Life: A Memoir

Is Getting Published on Your Bucket List?